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Founder: Shankreppa Ghanti S/o Marudrappa Ghanti 
Year of incorporation: 1958
Category: Edible Oil

Product Information: Edible Safflower Oil.
The founder of “Ghanti Oil Mill” is Shri Shankreppa Ghanti S/o.Marudrappa Ghanti.

Way back in the year 1958 Shri Shankreppa Ghanti who hailed from a small village Chinchansur, Gulbarga District moved from his small native to Gulbarga with a goal to start a small Edible Oil Business. The Mission and Vision with which the Business was setup was to provide Quality Edible Oil to the Consumer keeping in view the Health benefits of Safflower Oil.

To achieve this, Mr. Shankreppa Ghanti started the Business with a small setup with manual system of Oil Pressing with the help of two oxen. The Quality he delivered to the Consumer was so popular that without any advertising, Consumers came in search of “Ghanti Oil Mill” only with word of mouth from satisfied customers. Gradually the Goodwill of the Organization grew so much that the Ghanti Oil Mill became synonymous with the word Quality.

After the demise of Shri Shankreppa Ghanti in the year 1989, his son Shri Jagannath Ghanti took over as the second generation for family business. Sri Jagannath Ghanti who had grown up seeing the reputation and goodwill that his father had with Satisfied customer took a step further by introducing modern mode of manufacturing by replacing the system of Ox driven pressing to Motorized Electrified Machines. He took advantage of the Technology that was available to add value to the product and also to increase the productivity of the Men and Machine to meet the ever rising demand. He also took initiatives in the lines of his father to satisfy the Customer with Quality Products. He never allowed to impair the goodwill created by his father Shri Shankreppa Ghanti.


Further after the demise of Shri Jagannath Ghanti, his elder son Sharankumar Ghanti took over the business as third generation from the Family. Sharankumar who had completed his Academic Study in Commerce knew that it is only possible to reach the masses thru commercial production, took lot of initiatives in this direction. He got Safflower oil tested thru reputed Lab from Bangalore, Bangalore Test House (Certificate No 7221.) to educate the existing customers and prospective customers about the health benefits derived from using Safflower oil. Not only it has given the boost to the existing line of production but also paved the way for commercial production thru branding, labelling, copyright, etc..

By stepping on one step further Sri Sharankumar Ghanti , registered the brand “GHANTI”, with the registrar of trade marks India during august 2011. With a vision to enhance the production capacity, modern equipment's, tools, techniques, etc were employed at the existing premises. Furthermore as the production premises fell short of space to cater to the rising demand, he further has planned for a totally upgraded facility with modern equipment's state of the art technology to be established at Kapanoor Industrial Estate Gulbarga, which has been started in full fledge from the year 2022.


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